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    ETL International and ETL Latvia

    ETL – European Tax & Law – is among the top 5 of the leading tax consultancy firms in Germany and has over 700 accounting offices. ETL International is represented worldwide in over 30 countries: Europe, Africa, Asia, South and North America and has over 800 offices with more than 1,700 Professionals and 7,500 employees.

    The ETL Latvia office is located in Riga and provides all business relevant consultancy services from one source. We advise those in business on all tax, legal, economic, organizational and financial aspects of their company. And this at all stages of your company: from formation and expansion to its sale. We are the ideal partner for small and medium sized businesses, self-employed and freelancers in all sectors.

    The ETL Latvia services primarily focus on small and medium sized companies, freelancers or self-employed from all sectors, which request personal advice from a local consultant. ETL Latvia is able to fulfill the client’s needs on individual advice and seamless one-stop service in Latvia.

    Your personal contact person in Latvia coordinates the entire process and provides you with precisely the experts and services you need, when you need them. As a platform for all transnational active partners, ETL Latvia enables capable advisory services in tax, legal and business issues for every single client.

    ETL International brings together global expertise and proven knowledge. Both of these requirements are fulfilled by ETL International’s competence network, which comprises experts’ knowledge of partners and employees.

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    ETL Latvia
    Gunara Astras street 8b
    Riga, LV-1082, Latvia

    Tel: +371 27788955

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